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    How community-led conservation can save wildlife (00:00:00)

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    Conservationist and TED Fellow Moreangels Mbizah studied the famous Cecil the lion until he was shot by a trophy hunter in 2015. She wonders how things could've gone differently, asking: "What if the community that lived next to Cecil was involved in protecting him?" In a quick talk, Mbizah shares the state of conservation in her home of Zimbabwe -- and why she thinks that communities living with wildlife are the ones best positioned to help them. This talk was presented at an official TED conference.

    Cornell university: Virtual tour of the Small Animal Community Practice at Cornell Vet (00:00:00)

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    As part of the programming for Cornell's Virtual Reunion 2020, section chief of the Small Animal Community Practice Brian Collins, D.V.M. '94, leads a tour of the new facility. The community practice opened its doors in July of 2018 and functions much like a neighborhood small animal practice. Fourth-year veterinary students gain experiences in the day-to-day challenges of running an independent general practice, and also step into the role of veterinarian to provide health maintenance, primary care and elective surgery to patients, all with the guidance from experienced faculty and licensed veterinary technicians.

    Cornell university: Virtual tour of Cornell Vet (00:00:00)

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    As part of Cornell's Virtual Reunion 2020 events, director of facilities at Cornell Vet Wayne Davenport leads a tour of the college's capital project. See the wonderful, completed spaces of the library, lecture halls, tutor rooms, classroom spaces and more.

    UC Davis: School of Veterinary Medicine Virtual Tour (00:00:00)

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    Join your UC Davis veterinary student hosts on a quick tour of UC Davis Veterinary Medicine. For the more in-depth insiders' tour, watch Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Programs Dr. Karl Jandrey in this video:

    RVC Camden Campus Tour, London (00:00:00)

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    Walk round and explore the Royal Veterinary College in Camden. Discover the only cafe in London where you can enjoy a latte alongside the skeleton of a elephant! Let our students show you our library, lecture theatre and quiet study spaces, plus our dissection room and the bright and colourful Lightwell.

    Top 6 Veterinary Schools in the World (00:00:00)

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    Do you like animals? Do you want to be a vet? Do you often wonder what the Top 6 Veterinary Schools in the world are?  Good news! We have a video for that now!  Want to see what schools you could get into today? Try our Crimson's FREE admission's calculator here! 

    The University of Melbourne: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (00:00:00)

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    The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program is the first of its kind in Australia. The program is part of the ground-breaking "Melbourne curriculum", in which important undergraduate academic foundations are laid before specialisation at the graduate level. 

    Melbourne University: A Day in the Life: Melbourne Veterinary Student (00:00:00)

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    Katie is a third year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student at the University of Melbourne. Crimson Education is the world leader in global admissions consulting. Find out more, and apply for a free education assessment here:

    Ohio State University: Vet Students in the Real World (00:00:00)

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    Ohio State University graduates make up more than 75 percent of all veterinarians practicing in Ohio. Every one of them spends at least two weeks at the OSU Veterinary facility in Marysville, experiencing the world of large animal veterinary medicine. From Our Ohio show 710.

    Edinburgh university: Day in the life of a first year vet student. (00:00:00)

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    영국 Edinburgh 수의과대학 소개